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Launch the three year programme on Women’s Economic Empowerment

AWEPON as an organization works towards attaining women's empowerment and economic Justice through research, economic policy analysis, capacity building, lobby & advocacy with a gender and human rights perspective. As part of this, a regional meeting was organised to examine the practical approaches to economic empowerment of African women in the context of new aid modalities and the international trade agenda. The meeting was meant to identify initiatives and innovative models for the economic empowerment of women, create awareness on New Aid Modalities and their implications for financing women's economic rights, promote economic Justice, Identify indicators for economic empowerment of women and Launch the three year programme on Women's Economic Empowerment.

Download Key remarks on Economic Empowerment of African Women in the Context of the new Aid Modalities and the International
By Danish Ambassador to Uganda, Stig Barlyng

Presentation on Social and Economic Transformation by Irene Wasike Muwanguzi

Making a presentation on Social and Economic Transformation; Harnessing the Potential of African Women. Download Social and Economic Transformation; Harnessing the Potential of African Women




Access to Domestic and Regional  Markets

Algresia Akwii: Making a presentation on Access to Domestic and Regional Markets:
Access to domestic and regional markets: The case of the eac integration agenda.


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