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The AWEPON youth Associates were birthed in January 2002 under the AWEPON umbrella. The main objective of the group is to involve Ugandan youth in the national building process by creating for them a platform from which they can make their voices heard concerning the different issues that affect their lives such as education. This group initially comprised of seven members but now has members which include;

Lydia Nakayeze, Arthur Muhumuza, Dorothy Achan, Arnold Oryema, Hildah Murungi, Doreen Makode , Judith Akora, Faith Murimo, Priscilla Mugala, Grace Akello, Micheal Ringa Okumu & Mary Kyohere. he group works around the principle that the youth are able to shape government's


  • To improve the quality of Education in secondary Schools.
  • To be a voice through which students can air their views easily and freely on Education.
  • To link up with other groups groups/networks and individuals so as to create a stronger foundation for lobbying and advocacy.
  • To be a medium through which members at the grass roots can be able to air their views and concerns about the Education system.
  • To be a forum to ensure education becomes a major concern for the government.


  • Research to fill the knowledge and information gaps.
  • Networking and linking up with other groups e.g. through exposure visits.
  • Sharing information so as to increase awareness.
  • Career guidance.
  • Advocacy and lobbying.

Education for improved livelihood of Ugandans

Mission Statement
To improve the quality of Education in Uganda.

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