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The overall objective of this area of work is to integrate Gender into the Trade discourse at national and international levels. AWEPON aims to domesticate analysis of trade policies and to empower Women and CSOs to be able to understand and influence trade negotiations to respond to poverty concerns especially among the women in Africa.

In this line of analysis of Trade, Specific focus is directed at Trade policies at National level, Regional level (e.g. EAC-EPAs, Regional Integration etc), and the WTO at International level.

At local levels, AWEPON undertakes direct interventions to empower women on trade issues, and these include;

  • Training women on trade and trade-related matters such as Business Development and Management, value addition, Market Access for Women Entrepreneurs, Value Chains, etc.
  • Providing productive resources in form of capital investments as start up capital for women,
  • Providing Revolving funds to women to access cheaper credit in order to implement and improve on their individual and group Income Generating Activities,
  • Enhancing market access information through ICT and market information leaflets,
  • Conducting studies and raising awareness on the impact of trade policies on the economic status of women,
  • Organizing Exchange visits for women to share and learn
  • Supporting women to attend Trade fairs to lean more as well as get markets for their products.

AWEPON’s capacity building and business skills training has helped many African Women to advance in the value chain through processing, packaging, branding and standardization in order to compete on the local, regional and international markets more favorably.

  • Conducting campaigns to increase the rights of women to trade opportunities at national and international levels.

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