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Gender and Trade

AWEPON / Graca Machael Trust development partnership

The Graca Machel Trust, founded by Mrs. Graca Machel is in the process of creating a strong women’s movement of African Business women which is called the Network of African Business Women (NABW).

The major objective of this movement is to promote the advancement of African women in business through incubation of women’s businesses to eventually graduate from small to large entities in order to fight poverty among women and to improve their standards of living and those of their families.

Under its thematic area three, which is Gender and Trade, The African Women’s Economic Policy Network promotes the advancement of women through trade, and through this mandate AWEPON became a member of the Network of African Business Women – Uganda Chapter (NABW –U).

NABW has already created 12 national chapters in Africa. In Uganda, The Network of African Business Women – Uganda Chapter (NABW –U) is currently headed by an interim Steering Committee where the Executive Director of AWEPON Mrs. Florence Kasule is the secretary of this committee and a member of the regional task force of NABW.

Between 15th and 16th May 2014, Members of the Regional steering committee were invited and Florence Kasule attended the first regional meeting whose objective was to agree:

  1. on the processes of setting up Steering Committees at personal, national, Sub-regional and regional levels,
  2. on the composition of the steering committees, their roles and responsibilities at National, sub regional and regional levels,
  3. the processes for the nomination of representatives to represent the country chapters at sub-regional level (SADC,ECSA,COMESA, EAC and regional level - (Eastern Africa Southern Africa and Central Africa),

2. To generate participants’ ideas that will input the NABW regional conference which will take place in November 2014 in South Africa.

By the end of the workshop draft models and operating principles of the Networks at National, Sub Regional, and Regional levels had been made and draft, Governance guidelines for the Network of African Business women had been developed.

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